Troy Conrad. Creator of the toughest form of stand-up comedy there is. The Setlist TV show.

LA podcast with Troy Conrad - creator of The Setlist TV Show.
LA podcast with Troy Conrad – creator of The Setlist TV Show.

 PODCAST – #71 Troy Conrad – creator of The Setlist TV Show (Comedy) – Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet 

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Touchdown LA!

It’s been a super intense 3.5 weeks since I landed in USA!

2 weeks in Texas exploring Dallas, a night in Houston for Rodeo Houston where I experienced a newborn calf take its first steps, small children riding shaggy sheep in front of a stadium packed with 70,000 people, ate gator for the first time and some of the fattiest food known to man and then 8 nights at the world’s largest music conference, SXSW, where I shot photos of Michelle Obama’s inspiring keynote speech with Queen Latifah, Missy Elliot and more, recorded 4.5 podcasts, shot 15-20 live music shows (incl. Wolfmother, P.O.D.) and partied the house down in Austin!

Since landing in LA last week, I’ve taken time out chillin’ in Burbank at the home of a friend on mine, Troy Conrad, the creator and co-producer of the improvised stand-up show, ‘Set List: Stand-Up Without A Net’, a TV series on Sky Atlantic in the UK, and on ABC2 in Australia.

For those not familiar with California, Burbank is a beautiful part of Los Angeles at the base of the mountains about 30 minutes from downtown Hollywood and the home to most of the major American movie-making studios. It’s been a lovely recharge with long daily hikes through Brand Park and Wildwood Canyon trails after the madness of packing up my life in Australia, writing and shooting a TV pilot in the 2-3 weeks before I left, pitching for brand partnerships, quitting my full-time job and this first few weeks of 90 days in the USA.

 Anyway, in today’s podcast Troy and I talk about the how his and Paul Provenza’s TV show Setlist came to be, the wonderful array of inspiring guests they’ve had including Robin Williams, Australian comedian Wil Anderson, his multiple-award winning short film, Runyon: Just Above Sunset, starring Eddie PeptoneThe Comedy Jesus Show, touring throughout the USA and around the world to comedy festivals including Montreal, Dublin, Calgary, Vancouver, Edinburgh, Melbourne, Sydney, London and much, much more.

Super inspiring chats with a highly intelligent and inspiring guy who is quite literally living the dream!

Let’s get into it!

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CLICK HERE to listen to our exclusive interview with Troy Conrad (Setlist) in full via iTunes.


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