Aussie Hayden Calnin. Captivating new music, ‘Cut Love’ & touring the globe!

Hayden Calnin - 'Cut Love'
Hayden Calnin – ‘Cut Love’

Tune! I love seeing my faves launch new music!

Friday 4th of March. Whack it in your diaries. Hayden Calnin’s album Cut Love Pt1 drops.

Signed to global music industry players, The Agency Group, with the launch of not one but two new albums in 2016, Hayden Calnin is shortly to be killin’ it not just in Australia, but in Europe, Canada, USA and around the planet!

For many of us music lovers in Australia, we see the impact that Hayden a talented producer on tracks of so many wonderful Australian artists including the likes of HOWQUA, Eliza Hull, Tanya Batt and the list goes on…

This guy’s played festival slots at Falls Festival and NYE on the Hill, had music featured on hit American TV shows like Suits and as we speak, one of Hayden’s tracks is going global as the new soundtrack trailer for the film ‘Room’ – see below (For My Help). 

And yep, turns out that he’s a pretty good damn bloke too, as we all discovered on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast in August last year.

I’m proud of you, man. And excited! For all you listeners out there…

Here’s a sweet sweet taste for your lips… Hayden Calnin has just dropped this little sparkler!

Connect with Hayden Calnin via Twitter or check out more of his music/tour dates via this brand spanking new website

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