Demi Louise – a little ray of sunshine, building a brand & travelling the globe!

Demi Louise and Hot & Delicious founder, Dan Wilkinson, chat social media, music & travelling the globe!
Demi Louise and Hot & Delicious founder, Dan Wilkinson, chat social media, music & travelling the globe!

PODCAST – #64 Demi Louise (Australian folk singer/songwriter & digital entrepreneur).

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Oh man… that Demi Louise… she’s just a little ray of sunshine!

Demi and I met a few years back via Twitter and since we’re both jetting off to Austin (TX) in just 4 weeks for SXSW, we were like… let’s hang out and do a podcast together! 😃

Demi Louise is an Australian folk pop singer songwriter who has travelled the world with her music performing at the world’s largest music conference, SXSW (Austin, TX), International Folk Alliance (Kansas), CMJ Music Marathon in New York, Liverpool Sound City Music Festival (UK), MUCON & Zandari Festival in South Korea and Canadian Music Week (Toronto).

At age 22, the Melbourne based singer/songwriter made a bold decision to travel the globe, build a fanbase organically through solid live shows and tap into international audiences beyond the Australian market by interacting and connecting with fans of international artists of a similar style to her own from around the world on Twitter.

As a result of this simple, but astute foresight, Demi Louise now boasts a combined social media following of more than 60K+ and she has racked up almost a quarter of a million views on YouTube. These are exactly the kind of digital tactics that all Australian musicians should utilize if theyre hoping to move beyond a small and saturated music market of just 23 million people that reside within our shores.

Demi’s down with the selfies, a demon on Twitter & Snapchat, so don’t forget to show her the Twitter love while you’re listening to today’s podcast and say hey to us both. Her social links & mine are all in the podcast show notes.

I’ve got so much admiration & respect for individuals who put in the hard yards to create their own worlds and their hard-earned money where their mouth is – Demi has not only self-funded all recording of her music, but all of her travels around the world! 

Yes, Demi Louise, you are damn inspiring, girl… go get ‘em, tiger!

Let’s get into this podcast:

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If you haven’t already heard Demi Louise’ beautiful folk tunes, then get yourself a sneak peek below, check out our photos of her live set at Fed Square Live last week and don’t forget to pre-order ‘Taxi Driver’ via iTunes – due out Feb 26th.

Demi Louise performs live at Federation Square in Melbourne.

Photography by Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet):

CLICK HERE to listen to our exclusive interview with Demi Louise in full via iTunes.

Connect with Demi Louise online & check out her amazing tunes:

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