Tom Richardson sparkles with his beautiful new ‘Pockets’ EP… ❤️

Oh wow… float me away… Listening to my homeboy Tom Richardson’s new single ‘Pockets’ from the Pockets EP.

Tom and I met 5.5 years ago when he joined the line-up for the 1st ever Hot & Delicious project, ‘Change Australia, Change The World’, an event held in the iconic Gershwin Room at The Esplanade Hotel in St Kilda (Melbourne, Australia) to raise awareness for Oxfam Australia’s involvement for Close The Gap – a grouping of Indigenous and non-Indigenous health and community organisations set-up to to close the gap (10-17 years), the difference of average life expectancy between Aboriginal/Torres Strait Islander people and the rest of the Australian population.

5/6 of the artists/bands on that day (including the Tom Richardson Project) dedicated their precious time and talent that show with $0 recompense & that means the world to me. That individuals whom I still call my friends have been there at key milestones in my life just makes my heart melt.

Makes me so happy to be able support these mates when they are good people & make such magical music! 

And if you love this track, you can buy the whole ‘Pockets’ 7 track EP for $10.

Tom Richardson Project live at ‘Change Australia, Change The World’.


Or you could just go buy a copy for $10 😃

Tom Richardson – ‘Pockets’ EP.

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