Breaking down cultural barriers – ‘Through These Eyes’ – with hip hop artist, Zii.

Super sweet & inspiring podcast hangs with rapper, Zii
Super sweet & inspiring podcast hangs with rapper, Zii

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #56 Zii (Hip hop artist).

“Wealth is an investment in other people, rather than the the riches that you have back home

From Harare, Zimbabwe to Melbourne suburbia, trail blazer and hip hop artist Zii is a man who just lights up the room with his outlook, energy and positivity.

The son of a Nobel Peace Prize winner, Zii arrived in Australia from Africa 10 years ago to pursue a career in IT and whilst mentoring a young fellow church-goer, fell in love with music himself and began pursuing the dream.

I am privileged to meet fascinating people on a weekly basis through the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast and this one left me feeling truly inspired and with a renewed determination to strive to be a better man… we spend today’s podcast chatting openly about culture, race, religion and music… the distinct cultural and behavioural differences of how Australians interact with each other as opposed to people from the country of his birth, ‘Through These Eyes’ – an inspiring EP and project that Zii’s created to educate, challenge and change Australian perceptions and understanding of the African continent, being empowered and fuelled by his parent’s integrity and belief and inspired to greatness by Grammy Award winning American rapper, Lecrae.

Whilst we are from vastly different cultures and backgrounds, Zii’s story resonated with me and his perspective on life mirrors my own. This was the first time we’d met but I am now left buzzing with energy and excitement…. 

The key to breaking down barriers and understanding our fellow man no matter what their religion, race or creed is all about the desire to make world a better place by inviting people to be a part of your community, asking the right questions and seeking to make a connection.


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