“People do business with people, not logos.” – Trevor Young (PRWarrior.com)

Trevor Young AKA PRWarrior.com stops by our castle in the sky.
Trevor Young AKA PRWarrior.com stops by our castle in the sky.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Podcast #50 Trevor Young (Content Marketing and PRWarrior.com).

“People do business with people, not logos.” Trevor Young (PRWarrior.com)

Launching social media for your business or personal brand or wondering if it’s time to review and revamp?

Then these words by PR Warrior, author, podcaster, public speaker and digital entrepreneur, Trevor Young, should be the first place you start and THIS is the ‘Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet’ podcast for you!

One of my frustrations as a digital media professional and creative, is that those who aren’t digital/tech savvy and/or way too focused on their brand don’t realise that to sell product, a brand’s content offering should be audience centric first and foremost. This doesn’t mean reproducing uninspiring and unoriginal “inspiration quotes” on sunset or beach backgrounds or posting cat memes/dog videos that have zero relevance to your brand, it just means take the time to consider the user experience on mobile for someone scrolling past your content on social media for the very first time. If it looks like an advertisement, then it is an advertisement, their eyes will glaze over, anything you were hoping to achieve with that post is immediately lost and even damage your brand reputation!

Get creative and always have the user experience front-of-mind – how can you work your brand and product into content that won’t make someone scroll on by immediately or switch off – Hot tip: Don’t slap logos and Text Overlays over everything!

Today, Trevor and I talk at length about the effectiveness of an audience-centric marketing approach, his book, microDOMINATION which is about how to leverage social media and content marketing to build a mini-business empire around your personal brand – a look at new age entrepreneurs who have built global profiles using content and social media, Reputation Revolution by Trevor Young – the DIY Personal Branding for Business Professionals podcast created by Trevor, we talk tales of his childhood growing up around country Victoria as the son of a bank manager where Trevor’s imaginative and entrepreneurial spirit was born, JUNUFO – the Junior Investigation Team into UFOs (yes I’m serious 😉), choosing accountability partners – the like-minded individuals who will help you stay true to your commitment to pursue your personal and business ambitions, The Cluetrain Manifesto, Miles Davis ‘Kind of Blue’ album, the great Melbourne crime novel and the longevity you’ll achieve for your business and brand by staying true to yourself and marketing who you are, not what you think people want to see.

Don’t craft something that you’re not. 

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