“You never know what’s out there ’til you put yourself out there.” – Jackson Firebird.

Jackson Firebird at my castle in the sky... Kick ass!
Jackson Firebird at my castle in the sky… Kick ass!

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Podcast #49 Jackson Firebird (kick-ass Aussie rock band) podcast.

“You never know what’s out there ’til you put yourself out there.” – Brendan Harvey (Jackson Firebird).

Bang… BanG… BANG THE MOHICAN! Beat the drum!

My ears are still ringing from Dale slapping that bottle bin last night & right now I’m kickin’ it on the couch with Harvs AKA Brendan Harvey, 1 of 2 creative geniuses behind the cock rockin’, balls-and-all, full-tilt Aussie rock & roll band known as Jackson Firebird.

“The Bird” have just kicked off their ‘Shake The Breakdown’ Australian and European album launch tour and I couldn’t be more excited!

Born & raised in Mildura, this rugged, explosive duo have made their mark around the world touring the UK, Spain, Brazil, USA and the first tracks recorded from this joint were actually captured right after SXSW in 2013, when I first came across this guys whilst shooting photos and driving social media for The Aussie BBQ in Austin (TX).

I thoroughly enjoyed getting my bloke on with Harvs, as we cover everything from brown snakes & bathtubs, to Gotye, Kimbra & animated penis music videos, dirty-ass pub rock Cherry Bar residencies & Lady Gaga’s after party getting bumped by Cherry owner James Young’s respect for his J-Bird booking, Yayo Sanchez, the 14/year old promoter who brought Cheap Trick to Austin (TX), on tour in Sao Paolo with random Brazilian benefactors and thick wads of American dollars, Paddle Boat Steamers and working on vintage timber boats for a living, being asked to be the house band at bikie weddings, Warner Music, Napalm Records and what it’s like to have Kram from Spiderbait to produce your first ever EP… seriously epic!

And as a special treat for all you loyal listeners, I’m proud to have the first single off ‘Shake The Breakdown’ called ‘Mohawk Bang’, playing right here.. in full on ‘Hot & Delicious Rocks The Planet’, so make sure you stick around at the end of the podcast to get yourself a taste… If you find your ears bleeding, feel compelled to purchase ‘Shake The Breakdown’ off iTunes and snap-up your ticket to their next live show, then you know who to thank! You’re welcome!

Bird is the word… Frank, call me!

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