Podcast #47 – Dan Kelly’s Wanderlust, the Island of Hydra and ‘Leisure Panic’.

Dan Kelly stops by our castle in the sky to chat 'Leisure Panic' and travelling the world.
Dan Kelly stops by our castle in the sky to chat ‘Leisure Panic’ and travelling the world.

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Podcast #47 Dan Kelly (Wanderlust, the Island of Hydra and ‘Leisure Panic’).

Wanderlust. A strong desire to travel. One of the key qualities that so many of my inspired and inspiring podcast guests and I connect with and upon on a regular basis. The insatiable urge to explore, meet new people, learn about the world, the people in it and ourselves… to feel like we’re moving forward and constantly evolving… as individuals… as professionals, no matter what industry we work in… Just to feel alive!

And this is where Dan Kelly and I connected… A career musician who tours with the likes of Bic Runga, Paul Kelly, Augie March, Casey Chambers & more, today we delve into wonderful, ranging chats from Leonard Cohen, cliff swims and 10 day getaways on the Island of Hydra, Dan Kelly’s Polish grandparents and an English mum who settled in Australia at the price of a £10 note, Dan Kelly’s childhood and the contrasts of growing up between South Australia and the harsh realities of the Gold Coast in the 80s, the techniques we use individually dealing with the current age of overstimulation and the anxiety it brings, the meaning of ‘Leisure Panic’ and the stories to tell behind the music.

Softly spoken and thoughtful, Dan Kelly left me pondering how I roll across the years of this lifetime, the events that have shaped my outlook, tenacious approach and the people that guide my own moral compass.

This is a beauty… Enjoy!

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