Wicked banter, Australia, social issues and The Basics – ‘The Age Of Entitlement’

Podcast hangs with The Basics at some discreet location.
Podcast hangs with The Basics at some discreet location.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Podcast #46 The Basics – ‘The Age Of Entitlement’ podcast.

Loose loose chats with the boys from The Basics…

Privileged enough to be invited into their descript 😉 discreet Melbourne rehearsal space, where Kris, Wally and Tim are prepping for their upcoming ‘The Age Of Entitlement’ album launch tour which starts this week in Melbourne – it was straight into the fire with my jet-lagged ass having to work my ass off to keep up with the easy, quick-fire banter that these lads are renown for in person and on stage.

Fuckin’ hilarious regardless and I held my own in patches as we cover everything from the boys favourite pasta recipes, to saving wild tortoises & echidnas, how we’re living in this country, The Age Of Entitlement, the choices we make and how so many of us are just not making enough individual effort to contribute by lending our voice to the social issues of the current age, Castlemaine Rock, The Basics time spent recording in Abbey Road Studios, traveling to Turkey and the wonderful Turkish people, the opulence of the USA, the earliest ever memory of Wally De Backer AKA Gotye with a solitary Billy Goat Gruff and being serenaded by a homeless person in downtown Los Angeles, Tim Heath’s Iced VoVos and independent French comedy-drama film ‘Samba’. 

Wonderful contrasting chats and I thoroughly enjoyed spending an hour with the lads before they got back to jamming for this national Australian tour.

This album is about social issues… it’s not political record… “It’s just about love and wanting to be loved and caring for other people… and that’s it.”

Get out and buy it… And go see a show, bitches!

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And here’s the first two wicked jams off the ‘The Age Of Entitlement’ album:

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The Basics - The Age Of Entitlement' Tour Dates
The Basics – The Age Of Entitlement’ Tour Dates
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