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Melbourne catch-ups with Newsmodo founder & CEO, Rakhal Ebeli

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Interview #39 – Rakhal Ebeli (former journalist, founder & CEO – Newsmodo).

One of the most exciting parts about the current age we live in is that most of us will now have not one or two, but multiple careers across span of our lifetimes – I myself have had many permutations – working behind the bar at Crown Casino in Melbourne, running music festivals and events around Australia, an international flight attendant living in Dubai and traversing the globe with 5-star hotels and pretty girls working for Emirates Airline for 6.5 years, music supervisor for Ballistyx Snowboard Show on Channel GO! and now I get paid to guide global brands in their ongoing social media strategy and campaigns… and that’s just a few of my jobs.

Like myself, Newsmodo.com founder & CEO, Rakhal Ebeli, is a fascinating guy who has transformed his professional career as his passions change, he grows as an individual and the news media marketplace evolves to an ecosystem almost unrecognizable from what it was just 20, 15 and even 5 years ago.

Having worked at Australian national television broadcaster Network 10 as a news reporter and presenter for 10 years, Rakhal original set-up the News.me app to improve the way people find and talk about the news, before creating Newsmodo –  a content marketing agency that empowers businesses to connect with audiences through engaging and visual content, crafted by experienced journalists from around the world.

Newsmodo create content for brands and connect their global network of freelance journalists with their clients including international news media giants and brands such as M&C Saatchi, ANZ Bank, Suncorp Bank and more.

Today’s inspiring chat covers Newsmodo’s amazing work, including being first on the ground covering the Malaysian Airlines MH17 flight shot out of the sky in the Ukraine, providing news media footage for the likes of Associated Press, The Mirror, ABC, Seven News, Ten News, The Project.

We spend time talking about life-changing stories like the Black Saturday Fires, one of the most horrific and landmark events in Australian history, which Rakhal covered live – being the first man in the Network 10 offices on that fateful day, the fires a moment in time bigger in scale than anything he’d been equipped to cover, going into areas where his team were making on-the-fly decisions as to where they should position themselves to shoot broadcasts or seek refuge and then returning to these places to find these houses or positions only to find them razed by fire and the enormity of events as the day unfolded.

Across the course of the podcast we cover his journey from journalism to content creation, growing up in Fitzroy at time when gangs of thugs rather than flocks of hipsters roamed the streets of the northern suburbs of Melbourne, making a start in journalism whilst unemployed after returning from university in San Francisco and being taken under the wing of enigmatic Australian TV journalist & personality, Grant Denyer.

For those of you who work in the digital industry or aspire to, we spend time on branded content, hints and tips for how to make a start in content creation as a career and what makes great content great.

Fascinating individual, inspiring chats and we both could have honestly chatted on for hours – I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Rakhal Ebeli, look forward to joining him on the Brand Storytelling podcast and to having him back again as a guest of on our very own Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast.

The story starts now… Enjoy!

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