Interview with Lauren Ridgway – Top tips for building your brand in social media

Content Marketer & Social Media Strategist, Lauren Ridgway drops by the podcast
Content Marketer & Social Media Strategist, Lauren Ridgway drops by the podcast

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #37 – Lauren Ridgway (Social Media Strategist).  

Self-professed fashion addict, word nerd and content marketer, Lauren Ridgway, has spent the last 6 years of her life focused around building a career in social media working with Melbourne University, MYOB, National Australia Bank and more.

Lauren and I met at Social Media ClubMelbourne, a social media community with over 300 chapters world-wide, who host presentations with representatives of the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Nike, Slurpee, Cadbury & more on a regular basis. SUPER place to network for people who work in social media or aspire to. 

In today’s podcast we chat about traveling solo through Italy and the impact it made on her Lauren’s, her time living in France as a 16-year old exchange student, the inspiration of surrounding yourself with people who challenge the status quo, the top 3 tips for building your own personal brand or small business and so much more.

I love spending time with intelligent, independent individuals who exude this passion for life, people and making a difference to the lives of others, so as you’ll see, the conversation just flows…


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