Don’t sweat the money! La Mascara co-founder & entrepreneur, Nate Debritt.

La Mascara co-founder & entrepreneur Nate Debritt blazing his own trail.
La Mascara co-founder & entrepreneur Nate Debritt blazing his own trail.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #35 Nate Debritt (Entrepreneur & Biz Founder/Co-Owner – La Mascara alcohol brand, Kodiak Club and Little Blood bar co-owner).  

“Don’t sweat the money!”

From casinos to cruise ships, today’s podcast guest is La Mascara alcohol brand co-founder, Kodiak Club American bourbon bar and Little Blood tequila bar co-owner and entrepreneur, Nathan Debritt.

La Mascara is a wicked alcohol brand with a range of ready-to-serve cocktails, spirits (tequila, vodka) and alcoholic ice teas that hospitality industry stalwart, party guy and entrepreneur Nate Debritt, Ben Gillies (Silverchair), Ben’s wife Jackie Gillies (Real Housewives of Melbourne) and Anton Drazevic (Folklore) launched on the reality TV show in 2014 as a point of difference in the global liquor market.

Nate and I met in Richmond, Melbourne in 2006 just after I left Emirates Airline, at a bar he co-owned called the Town Hall Hotel. I was catching up with the Emirates crew who’d just landed into Melbourne for a few cheeky bevies and he was chasing a young Irish lass who was also on the crew. Anyway, after a few drinks at the Towny and a whole lot more at several shady establishments in Windsor, we ventured back to the Town Hall Hotel for a late night lock-in with a bunch of well-lubricated flight attendants. My lasting memory of that evening is a moment of clarity at stupid o’clock in the morning when I realized I was behind the bar of a bloke I just met pouring fresh pints for all and sundry… Oh, and this friendship 😉
Flash forward 9 years later and Nate is now one of those people I know I can rely upon when I’m craving inspiration, hits of elation in conversation and flat-out honesty, without desolation.
I’ve said many times on this podcast, that a big factor in success and drive as an inspired, small business owner treading your own path towards living the dream, is surrounding yourself with like-minded people who, while maybe not chasing the same dream as you, share a hunger for a life less ordinary. For me, my friend Nathan Debritt is one of those.
If there is only one, that is the one thing that I hope you take from this podcast.

Free Download #35 Nate Debritt (Entrepreneur & Biz Founder/Co-Owner – La Mascara alcohol brand, Kodiak Club and Little Blood bar co-owner).  

Check out La Mascara here, drinks & Mexican at Little Blood tequila bar or get down to Kodiak Club for THE most delicious buffalo wings in Australia.

Co-founders of La Mascara alcohol brand Nate Debritt, Ben Gillies (Silverchair) and Jackie Gillies (Real Housewives of Melbourne).
L-R: Co-founders of La Mascara alcohol brand Anton Drazevic, Jackie Gillies (Real Housewives of Melbourne), Ben Gillies (Silverchair) & Nate Debritt

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