YouTuber Louna Maroun – Building a brand and a career with YouTube.

Aussie YouTuber Louna Maroun - building your own brand and a career on YouTube.
Aussie YouTuber Louna Maroun – building your own brand and a career on YouTube.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #34 – Louna Maroun (YouTube vlogger, comedian and musician).  

I’m a super creative guy and I love that I’ve built a career working with international brands in social media – an industry that didn’t even exist 15 years ago.
Like me, today’s guest, YouTuber Louna Maroun started her social media journey on Myspace. Both of us work in the digital media, but while I get paid to build other people’s brands in the digital space whilst building my own too, Louna Maroun is a brand unto herself.

Yep, that’s right.. 3 YouTube Channels with 180K subscribers (Comedy, Beauty and Vlog Youtube channels)… seriously… living the dream! Ah-mazing!

Louna and I met briefly in passing when we were both speaking at Social Media Club Melbourne recently, but connected on Twitter and then I dropped her an email about coming along as my guest on the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast, as while we create vastly different and diverse styles of content, I’m a sucker for like-minded souls, recognised one immediately and just had to have her on for a chat.

And chat we did… In today’s podcast we discuss the top tips that aspiring artists, businessmen and women should employ when making a start building their own brand/digital empire, tattoo artists and entrepreneur Kat Von D and why she’s a source of inspiration, Louna’s first every memory as a child (involves her dad, vomit and a chocolate bar – seriously 😀), white water rafting in Slovenia, rainbows and delving into special effects, all the wicked gear she uses to shoot/create her YouTube video content (Canon 60Ds, Black Magic, Adobe Premiere, Rode Shotgun mic, Zoom H4n (yes, Zoom gear is awesome!), creating content for open-minded, international brands, the wonders of treading your own path (in physical, a day-to-day sense and in life) and not being afraid to try things that you think you might like to do for a job… ‘cause you never know.. you might actually end up making it your life!

Super, inspiring podcast and Louna Maroun’s just a bundle of positive energy – my kind of people. Can’t wait to collab on more content together!
Enjoy this chat & don’t forget to hit us both up on Twitter when you’re done!  
Let’s rumble!

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