From Letterman to a career in comedy – the prolific Daniel Burt.

TV writer and comedian Daniel Burt bringin' the gold.
TV writer and comedian Daniel Burt bringin’ the gold.

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Interview #33 – Daniel Burt (Aussie comedian, actor & writer).  

Imagine being a writer on one of the world’s biggest TV shows!

Australian TV show writer, stand-up comedian, journalist and actor, Daniel Burt is prolific and determined. Determined to love what he does for a living. Back in 2005, Daniel put his money where his mouth is very early in his career when he took every cent he had and a chunk of change from his parents retirement fund to chase a job opening in the USA working as in intern in the writing department of the Late Show with David Letterman.

Success! Despite mistakenly opening up an alarmed fire door and evacuating the building on his first day in the job and walking into a door one of the first times he met David Letterman, Daniel Burt worked as an unpaid intern on Late Show with David Letterman for 6 months, gaining invaluable experience on a 5 nights a week comedy show with an audience of millions.

Since his return to Australia in 2006, Daniel has worked as a comedic writer on skitHOUSE, Good News Week, The Glass House and a range of other television shows including being one of the founding writers of Channel 10’s The Project TV.

Today Daniel Burt writes for Fairfax Newspapers in Sydney and Melbourne (Sydney Morning Herald, The Age), The Guardian (UK), has recently been asked to work as a full-time writer on comedian Charlie Pickering’s news comedy show, Weekly on ABCTV and has toured the world with his stand-up comedy to New York, Paris, the United Kingdom and of course Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

We cover a range of topics during our chat including his time with idol David Letterman, the impact that Letterman and Woody Allen have made on his career outlook, his earliest childhood memories, deep and meaningful conversations about ANZAC Day and what it means to Australians, the complexities of war and our respective journeys to Gallipoli, Villers-Bretonneux and Normandy. 

There’s so much gold in here… Game time!

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