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Aussie stand-up comedian Adam Richard drops by the podcast.
Aussie stand-up comedian Adam Richard drops by the podcast.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #31 – Adam Richard (Aussie comedian, podcaster & writer).  

Grinder, Growler, Scruff, Squirt… dating apps of the international gay community and the array of symbols that people use in their personal profiles… this is a world where a $ sign in your profile means that there’s a cash transaction for the pleasure of your company and + sign means you’re HIV+. 

Today’s guest, Australian comedian Adam Richard, got into stand-up comedy in 1997 with a purpose – to make an impact. Change the way that comics talked about gay people on stage – with so many comedians at open mic nights and club sets hitting the homophobic jokes as the “go-to” option for cheap laughs. Just not good enough.

As a man who considered himself a “serious arteest” and was studying Professional Writing and Editing  at RMIT University, a career in stand-up comedy wasn’t a path that Adam Richard found overly appealing, but after seeing a bunch of wonderful comics including Matt King live, Adam realised that there could be a lot more depth to stand-up comedy than just one-liners and dick jokes… a narrative if you will, was what he craved.

Aside from chatting about the different dating apps for available for Twinks, Bears and more, we talk about my time working as promotional staff for Vitamin Water – where my role as team leader was to drive around town in a branded Vitamin Water vehicle in search of spots where we could hand out drink samples, whilst the two colleagues beside me, both gay, spent their time on the road swiping their way through Grinder looking for cute men at the various locations we stopped at around Melbourne.

We also touch on the discrimination that HIV+ people experience on a daily basis, the societal challenge of being LGBT and not coming out just the once, but almost every time you meet someone new, how not to use dating apps if you’re a straight male 😉 Adam’s first ever childhood memory, his podcasts The Shelf and Talking Poofy presents The Poofcast, Tonka Trucks, The Shelf live shows, Stan Lee wanting to be a comic book writer and so much more.

Over the past 18 years since starting stand-up, Adam Richard has built a career of many permutations from national radio on triple j and Fox FM, TV star on Spicks & Specks, co-writer and co-star of ABC TV comedy series Outland, producer and podcaster extraordinaire, the list goes on…

Super guy, super chats, let’s get into it!

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