Global sports digital marketer & Sports Geek, Sean Callanan rocking the planet.

Global sports digital marketer Sean Callanan AKA Sports Geek stops by the studio.
Global sports digital marketer Sean Callanan AKA Sports Geek stops by the studio.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #28 Sean Callanan (Sports Geek – global digital sports marketer & podcaster).  

Ladies & Gentleman welcome to the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast. My name’s Dan Wilkinson and today we sit-down on the couch with Australian digital sports marketer and podcaster, Sean Callanan, who started his journey back in the day as a developer/coder, slung in out in the trenches of community radio and today works with sporting organizations around Australia and the world including clients in the AFL, NRL, cricket and more, advising them what to do with their brand in the digital space.

For our podcast lovers, Sean’s two podcasts, Sports Geek and the Beers, Blokes and Business podcast cover some super interesting subject matter and have recently just ticked over 200,000 downloads. 

The Sports Geek podcast features interviews with sports business professionals from English Premier League, NBA, NHL, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, AFL, NRL and NCAA and enjoys listenership in over 75 countries while the Beers, Blokes & Business podcast are regular catch-ups with Sean and his contacts across various industries, where they chat about the challenges of their businesses and how they work through them (over a few cheeky beers of course).

I loved catching up with Sean Callanan today, as it’s not that often that I get to engage with a fellow digital marketer and share our mutual learnings in the roles we play for our clients. Sean shares lots of little gems, including 3 pieces of advice he would give anyone who wants to start marketing their brand in the digital space – no matter whether they be sports teams, individuals, large brands, small business or whatever.

We cover Sean Callanan’s experiences of a lifetime including living in Tennessee as a kid, utilizing the power of Twitter to connect with people that ends up with him sitting in a corporate box shooting the shit with high-powered executives at LA Dodgers – Dodger Stadium, interviewing the likes of Mark Cuban (Audionet founder, Dallas Mavericks owner), Richard Clarke (Arsenal), English cricketer Mike Gatting and that Ball of the Century and the unwavering tenacity that culminates with you meeting and working with people beyond your wildest dreams

Get amongst it!

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Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet is weekly podcast where we interview inspiring individuals and successful entrepreneurs from around the planet across a range of industries (incl. music, film/tv, fashion, travel, comedy and more) about what makes them tick as people and drives their hunger for success.

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Some of the cool topics we discuss today:

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Dan Wilkinson works as a Manager, Marketing Strategy & Analysis – Social Media at SapientNitro Australia and is founder of music industry biz, Hot & Delicious Group.

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