Johann Ponniah from I OH YOU. Bringing the party back to the people!

Chit chats with Johann Ponniaj (I OH YOU founder & director).
Chit chats with Johann Ponniaj (I OH YOU founder & director).

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Interview #27 – Johann Ponniah (I OH YOU! – brand, music company record label – founder & director).  

Howdy howdy howdy… today we sit-down on the couch with Johann Ponniah, one of the founders & director of the love child that is I OH YOU!, an Australian music company, brand and independent record label born of 4 guys in the city of Melbourne, that’s becoming bigger than what they could ever have imagined. 

For the uninitiated, the I OH YOU crew launched in 2009 when the then four teenage housemates received a final notice from their gas company for a bill they couldn’t afford to pay off. In a desperate last ditch effort to raise the funds, Johann and his mates threw a house party with live music acts and with the 200 people that attended (including the local police force), the housemates raised enough cash to pay all their bills for the next quarter.

Now I’ve been working in and around the Australian music industry for about 9 years now and I’ve met many many wonderful people, whom, if you haven’t worked in the music scene, invariably aren’t super well paid, driven by their pure passion for music and hunger to make a difference in the scene or at least make their mark.

Johann is a guy who through sheer determination and a SHITLOAD of hard work has built a career within the music industry and been instrumental in working with amazing artists of the likes of DZ Deathrays, Violent Soho, DMAs and more, to take their respective careers to a whole new level, not only in Australia, but on a global scale.

Despite having already achieved a whole swag of success in Australia, Johann remains refreshingly humble and focused on the future – ever-hungry for whatever’s next on his list of goals to tick-off for I OH YOU as a business and the artists that they work with.

We chat about his mentors in music and his family, his Sri Lankan background, a childhood spent growing-up in Campbelltown Sydney and the life lessons he learned after moving to Melbourne just 3 days after finishing high school.

Music industry accolades, successful international touring artists & putting the pieces together to build their business globally… Johann and the guys from I OH YOU are hungry and kicking massive goals.

So humble and many, fascinating tales to share for those just beginning their foray into the Australian or international music scene, whether you be artist, promotor, budding indie label founder or manager.

I hope you love this chat as much as I did.


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Green Buzzard announced as the newest member of the I OH YOU family. Check out their 1st single:

Sweet first single from City Calm Down’s forthcoming debut album In A Restless House.

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