Hugh Stephens – Australian digital/tech pioneer & ScheduGram founder.

ScheduGram founder & digital/tech pioneer, Hugh Stephens, drops by Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet.

ScheduGram founder & digital/tech pioneer, Hugh Stephens, drops by Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #25 – Hugh Stephens (ScheduGram founder & digital/tech pioneer). 

Today’s podcast is for the digital, social media and tech geeks out there, particularly those of you who work in social media or who have start-ups that you’re looking to take out to the global market.

Hugh Stephens is the founder and creator of ScheduGram, one of many digital prospects under his Dialogue Group business umbrella.

ScheduGram is a digital tool that many of us who work in the social media industry with FMCGs, travel industry businesses, in the media, fashion brands, bloggers and more, utilize to schedule bulk images for brand monthly content calendars on Instagram, at the key times of day/week when fans and consumers are online and interacting. A massive time-saver as a business and a way that an “always on” business can have content going live at all times of the day, week and on weekends without having to post manually.

This podcast is a little different from others that I’ve recorded thus far, as one of the things I’d love to see more of from the Australia government is support for the proliferation of up & coming digital/tech innovators & pioneers, so I’m keen to support and celebrate those who are tenacious and brave enough to give it a go. Hugh Stephens is one of those.

Today we discuss the challenges of setting up business in the United States as an alien, self-development and different styles of learning – reading vs hands-on experience, building a start-up from scratch in Australia to a business with global customers across multiple languages in North America, South America and Europe and just how damn hard it is to find quality content that’s worth connecting with on the internet these days.

Hugh grew-up in Sydney, lived in Denver Colorado as a child and like many of us treading our own paths, actually started out studying medicine then stepped sideways into a career that he knew that he was made for, that could be his passion.

His advice to you? “Read, read broadly and read often”


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