Steele Saunders – stand-up comedy, the life lessons of Yoda & building a career in podcasting.

Podcaster & stand-up comedian Steele Saunders drops by our castle in the sky.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #24 – Steele Saunders (stand-up comedian & podcaster – ‘I Love Green Guide Letters’, ‘Steele Wars’).  

“I just think that podcasting was invented for me.” Said every passionate podcaster ever. 
Aussie podcaster & stand-up comedian Steele Saunders’ words ring true for me too. In this current age where we’re all over-stimulated by multiple social platforms, short attention spans and white noise, podcasting is a place where like-minded people from across the globe can gather to create or consume content meaningful to them (some of us do both) and feel a sense of belonging.
If you’re a die-hard podcast fan or have ever wanted to create your own podcast, then today’s chat of EPIC proportions with Steele is the interview for you, as we bond over maturing but never growing up, life lessons through Yoda, how many years I’ve had single bed Star Wars sheets, Seinfeld, Comic Con & taking the first steps into the North American comedy and podcast scene, life, love, self-indulgence and much much more.
Strap yourselves in, this one’s a doozy!

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