Nazeem Hussain from tax law to TV show creator & ASIO spy agency dinners.

Hangin' with comedian and 'Legally Brown' TV show creator, Nazeem Hussain.
Hangin’ with comedian and ‘Legally Brown’ TV show creator, Nazeem Hussain.

Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet podcast series

Interview #15 – Nazeem Hussain.

Ladies & Gentlemen welcome to the Hot & Delicious: Rocks The Planet.
I’m pretty excited right now as at this every moment it’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival season in Melbourne and I just love how the whole city comes to life at this time of year.

To celebrate, I’m going to focus our podcast interviews over the next month around some of Australia’s top stand-up comedians and a few wonderful international acts also. And as a special treat to you guys – this week I’m dropping not one but two episodes – today’s interview with Australian comedian, actor and radio presenter, Nazeem Hussain and the 2nd one tomorrow with New York-based Aussie comedian Scott Dooley.
Love this chat with Naz. When he arrived, he just walked into my apartment and immediately we were chatting as if we were old friends – the conversation just flowed. 
We cover off traveling to faraway festivals in Western Australia, dealing with drunks and wanna-be hecklers when you’re on stage, his transition from working in tax law doing comedy on the side to having his own tax show and being taken out to dinner by Australian spy agency, ASIO.. yes I’m serious… 
Anyway, enjoy the ep and don’t forget to subscribe to this shit as we have a bunch more wicked interviews coming up with super comedians every week.

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