An interview with ‘A Spacious Life’ author, Narissa Doumani


'A Spacious Life' book launch with my friend & author, Narissa Doumani.
‘A Spacious Life’ book launch with my friend & author, Narissa Doumani.

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Interview #13 – Narissa Doumani

Morning all! 🙂
Apologies for being a little croaky & dusty, but let’s just say yesterday was a wonderful afternoon of a long pub lunch in the sunshine, table tennis and 1 or 2 sundown beers in Melbourne-town 😀
Pumped about this interview and to be able to announce the launch of the ‘A Spacious Life: Memoir of a Meditator’, an inspiring book written by my beautiful friend, author, model and source of inspiration, Narissa Doumani.
‘A Spacious Life: Memoir of a Meditator’ is look into the quest for meaning beyond materialism and insight into Narissa’s use of mindfulness and meditation for well-being and fulfilment within modern-day life.
From the minute I picked up A Spacious Life I was excited, not only is Narissa one of my first friends to have written a book, but the way her words just flowed on page and were instantly relatable made it impossible to put down – I crave inspiring subject matter that’s easy to digest as reading for me is all about down-time and relaxing.
Anyway, Narissa and I chat about life growing as a child in Australia of Thai and Lebanese heritage (her not me 😉 ), the challenge of working alone to bring your first novel to life and the significant impact of meditation on her outlook on life.
A Spacious Life: Memoir of a Meditator launches this week (Mar. 18, 2015) and Narissa Doumani is hosting the launch event in Melbourne (Australia) on Saturday 21st of March with $5 for every book sold on the day going to the Feed Melbourne Appeal. Come on down and join me if you like?
I have the most talented friends 🙂 Enjoy!

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Narissa Doumani - 'A Spacious Life: Memoir of a Meditator'

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