Podcast Interview: ‘Chris & Josh’ webseries creator, writer & director – Matt Smolen.

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Interview #8 – Matt Smolen – Writer, Director and Creator (Chris & Josh webseries)

Matt Smolen is fuckin’ awesome! 

Met this inspiring dude 3 years at Pyramid Rock Festival when Matt was behind the lens shooting video content for Australian music video blog Speaker TV and my biz was driving Pyramid’s social media.

Since Pyramid Rock, Matt’s career has gone from strength to strength with his video production company Balloon Tree Productions shooting content for a bunch of different Australian brands and creating, writing and directing of international award-winning comedy webseries ’Chris and Josh’ featuring Shane Savage and ex-Neighbours actor Matt Werkmeister.

We chat about losing your virginity, quitting KFC after 1 shift, awful taste in music, having a 1000 views on the first day of releasing previously unheard of and unreleased comedy webseries and flying by the seat of your pants to create a webseries which has go on to win international acclaim and awards at LA Webfest and the 2014 Open Channel Australian Online Video Awards for Best Comedy Series and . Epic!

I seriously lost my shit when he told me what his first ever CD was… fuckin’ hilarious! 

Get into it!

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