Escape to LA – Venice Canal District, California – Photographic tales of an ex-Emirates flight attendant

Escape to LA - Venice, California. Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Group)

Hot & Delicious Rocks: The Planet! – Photographic travel diary series.

Escape to LA – Venice Canal District, California. Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Group).

So here I am 12 hours after finding out that my brain scans are clear for another year and I have got another twelve month leave pass.

Grateful, relieved and happy to find out that I’m tumour-free for another year, I’ve spent some time today reassessing where I’m at, where I want to be and what makes me happy – reflection of previous goals I’ve set myself, flashbacks to watershed moments and memories of experiences that have changed my life for ever.

1 such trip was to LA and Texas last year shooting photos and providing social media for a series of international Australian music industry showcases called The Aussie BBQ. I’d returned from the Middle East in 2006, with grand plans (some might say delusional :p ) of being a rockstar living in the USA within 6 months. Flash forward to 2013 and I finally land in LA, not as a rockstar but a photojournalist of questionable technical proficiency, but a keen eye for a the money shot and social media skills to boot.

Upon landing into LAX, Andrew Bongiorno, one of my best mates and an Aussie actor who’s been living in LA for a few years picked me up from the airport and we cruised straight down to Venice Beach for breakfast and a stroll down to Santa Monica Pier. It wasn’t my first adventure to Venice, but this trip was under different circumstances… on my terms… and paid for through my hard work and a tenacious, relentless driving passion to love what I do for a living.

Captured this shot in the Venice Canal District on zero sleep after flying 15 hours across the planet and I can’t describe the happiness I feel as I stumble across this photo amongst a swag of others from my trip to Los Angeles, Austin and Houston last year.

My heart soars knowing what’s possible and following on from the Calling All Cars post 2 weeks back, following your dreams is a way of life and this moment in time has got me thinking about what my next steps are.

I’m floating on the sensations of the delirium and joy that come flooding back as I look at this snapshot of my life and clarify exactly what I want in my mind.


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