Spread Positivity – Go Ahead Make my Day!

Every now and then someone I love does something that just blows my mind!  This week one of my colleagues brought to my attention the #SpreadPositivity trend that’s sweeping the internet at the moment and it brought a smile to my face, so I decided share my little piece of love.  Any time I’m having a badContinue reading “Spread Positivity – Go Ahead Make my Day!”

Taxi driver – Fare for Hire. Delhi, India. Horn Please!

Hot & Delicious Rocks: The Planet! – photographic travel diary series. Taxi for Hire. Delhi, India. Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Group). Following on from last week’s post, Little girl’s curiosity. Jaipur, India, I shot this image as we were leaving Delhi International Airport in a taxi with this gentleman who was to be our driverContinue reading “Taxi driver – Fare for Hire. Delhi, India. Horn Please!”

Little girl’s curiosity. Jaipur, India. ‪#‎wanderlust‬

Welcome to the new series of Hot & Delicious travel short-pieces where I share my photos from around the world and the moments behind them in short form. I’ve traveled the globe and yes, it’s long past time I started sharing some of the wonderful moments I’ve been blessed enough to experience. When I travel, like everyoneContinue reading “Little girl’s curiosity. Jaipur, India. ‪#‎wanderlust‬”

Facebook Mentions – Lighting cigars with wads of brand Benjamins.

Facebook Creative Labs latest celebrity app Facebook Mentions smacks of indulgence.