Sating my sense of wanderlust.. without even leaving the city.. Streetart & Photography..

Pretty lady on the Fitzroy backstreets

There’s this fire burning inside me.. in my life I’ve lived in well over half a dozen cities in Australia, the Middle East, Italy and Indonesia.

Based in Dubai from 1999 – 2006 working for Emirates Airline, I jet-setted extensively across the planet every few days visiting many unusual and inspiring places. At the time it sated the sense of wanderlust I’ve been possessed with from when I was a kid, but since my return to Australia it has only served to fuel my hunger for the constant stimulation of new experiences, to explore the world and exist in new environments.

In lieu of jumping on a jet-plane across the planet on a week-to-week basis, in a city as diverse as Melbourne it is actually possible to escape, explore hidden bars and alleyways and to lose yourself in a different world as needed.

Just 5 minutes from Melbourne CBD, Fitzroy’s backstreets are an evolving gallery of amazing, urban artwork and just one of the many experiences you can enjoy exploring this city with a DSLR/smartphone and a few hours on your hands.

Sometimes happiness and peace don’t have to cost the price of a plane ticket.


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