Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Top 5 must-see acts!

Greg Behrendt live at Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Dave Thornton and Dave Anthony.
Greg Behrendt live at Melbourne International Comedy Festival with Dave Thornton & Dave Anthony.

Just as the weather in Melbourne begins to turn Crowded House.. BANG! One my favourite events of the calendar year brings the city of Melbourne alive! Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

If you’ve never been then head into town one night with friends after work for a cheeky pint and a couple of shows. It’s this time of year that I feel transported away and Melbourne feels truly European.

Here are my Top 5 must-see acts in 2014:

1. Wil Anderson in Wiluminati.

I’ve been following Wil Anderson since Glasshouse and triple j days, and always enjoyed his intelligent, worldly insights on politics and currents events mixed in with the occasional dollop of smutty humour 😉

2. Jason Byrne in You Name The Show!

Lot’s of good-spirited audience participation & guaranteed to make you wet yourself. Seriously two of the funniest shows I’ve seen at MICF the past 2 years!

3. Greg Behrendt

Greg’s been around the comedy circuit for years and one hell of a nice guy, but what hooked me in is Greg Behrendt’s podcast with Dave Anthony, Walking The Room. That and bright pink mohawks.. A little bit, nay, a lot fuckin’ wrong and bloody hilarious!

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4. Wil Anderson and Charlie Clausen in TOFOP LIVE

One of the coolest podcasts going around & live for the first time at Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

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5. Sam Simmons in Death of a Sails-Man.

Loved Sam’s punchy, quirky humour since back in the day when he featured regularly on Scott Dooley’s triple j show with Shitty Trivia and was fortunate enough to meet him backstage at Brisbane Festival’s Spiegeltent a few years back. Guarantee you’ve never seen anything like it and a little bit awesome!

Others on my hit-list include:

Get amongst it!

Melbourne International Comedy Festival – Wednesday March 26th to Sunday April 20th.
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Melbourne CBD comes alive during Melbourne International Comedy Festival
Melbourne CBD comes alive during Melbourne International Comedy Festival

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