Sunrise & Sunset – The perfect time to Recharge & Reset #SKYPORN

Sunset 801 Pink Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Group).
Sunset 801 Pink
Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai.
Photo credit: Dan Wilkinson (Hot & Delicious Group).

Sunrise and sunset are easily my favourite time of day. I’ve been shooting #skyporn since before #skyporn was invented.

There’s simply nothing quite like walking along a deserted beach as the sun rises to recharge, reset and put things into perspective. The same goes for sunset.

Back in my Dubai days when I was traveling the world serving chicken or beef as Emirates Airline cabin crew, the 3-bedroom bachelor pad I shared with 2 of my best mates had 4-5 balconies, most of which faced west.

I kid you not, every single day that I wasn’t jet-setting around the globe, getting hammered at the pub or at rugby training with the boys in 35+ degree heat, I’d be on my White Building balcony watching the sun go down. I lived in that Sheikh Zayed Road apartment (#Club203 for the regular party-goers :D) for 5 years and must have taken hundreds of photos with my old Nikon F60 SLR on that window to the world. Cheeky beers, tunes crankin’, chillin’ solo or with friends complete with peach, purple skies during the call to prayer with a mosque silhouette. Perfection.

I became addicted to those long moments of inspiration, so much so that I named a song after it  ‘Endorphins’ and a rather significant factor in selecting my new Melbourne apartment recently, was that it had a 10th floor west-facing balcony. Air balloons, birds in flight, aircraft coming in to land at Melbourne International Airport.. I’ve only been here 3 weeks now, but almost daily I soak up nature’s little slice of heaven with and without iPhone camera at the ready.

I don’t know who invented the #skyporn hashtag, but I can tell you the 1st time I heard it and you had me at sunset..

Sun rises over a secluded beach near Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road in Australia

Pretty lady.. sundown Melbourne-town #magic#Melbourne #beautiful ❤️

Beauty is Everywhere

Melbourne.. beautiful ❤ #love #skyporn #melbourne#hotndelicious #mornporn

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