Exclusive Stream: Caity Fowler (ex Playwrite) solo EP ‘Whitelight Blackdog’.

Exclusive Stream: Caity Fowler’s solo EP ‘Whitelight Blackdog’

A few short months back, Caity Fowler left inspiring Melbourne indie folk band Playwrite determined to launch a solo career in music. After smashing a pozible campaign to raise funds for recording, this VCA graduate has put together a stunning first release with woodwind, strings, electric/slide guitar and grand piano all in the mix. This lovely collection of 6 songs, recorded at Four4ty Studios, is a fire fueled by an on and off battle with depression ever since she was a teenager.

“The secrecy and taboo that surrounds mental illness even in this day and age create shame and embarrassment. I may never learn to be proud of my suffering but I am proud of my resilience.”
– Caity Fowler

‘Whitelight Blackdog’ creates awareness for subject matter that all of us should feel free to talk about.. It’s honest, stripped-back, raw, emotional & beautiful all at once.. And I love it..

Exclusive Stream: Caity Fowler – ‘Whitelight Blackdog’

The ‘Whitelight Blackdog’ EP launch is this weekend in Melbourne at Bar 303, Northcote deets here

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