Haarlo drop 4 new singles in 4 weeks! ‘Dreamlands’ EP launch – Northcote Social Club.

Dream-pop duo Haarlo have dropped 4 new singles in 4 weeks! Yep, they’ve let loose these beauties in celebration of the Haarlo ‘Dreamlands’ EP launch this Thursday night!

One of the elements I savor most about working at the forefront of the Australian indie music scene is the opportunity to hear & promote music at that precise moment when artists/bands are about to take that bold step out into the wild for the 1st time… the great unknown… Will people love my music as much as I do.. Will I be famous.. Will I travel the world..

In the first single ‘Dreamlands’, New Zealand-born vocalist Stacey Gardiner and talented producer/multi-instrumentalist Jono Steer (Ainslie Wills, Hayden Calnin, Eliza Hull) join forces to produce a tune that now resides in a playlist I describe as night-time sunshine.. Manuka-honeyed vocals, synths and a beat that just floats me away..

“You might like it this way, I might like it differently…”  I love it this way..

Enjoy Haarlo’s ‘Dreamlands’ EP & we’ll see you at the Northcote Social Club!

Supported by one of our recent Hot & Delicious faves, Eliza Hull and Ainslie Wills, Haarlo launch their ‘Dreamlands’ EP at the Northcote Social Club this Thursday July 11th

Supported by Ainslie Wills & Eliza Hull
TICKETS ON SALE 11 JUNE 2013 VIA http://www.northcotesocialclub.com

Haarlo - 'Dreamlands'

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