Party country 7-piece Little Bastard launch debut EP

When I caught “party country” 7-piece ‘Little Bastard’ live at Sydney’s Oxford Arts Factory during their August residency, I truly arrived having no idea what to expect.

Performed my usual due diligence pre-event, trying to find the band online for a cheeky listen to no avail. I’d never heard of Little Bastard, but they came recommended by one of my A&R friends & wow.. they did not disappoint! Shortly before the band started, the room filled to capacity with loyal, local fans and their cheeky banter combined with beautiful musicianship left me craving more.

Delighted to announce that Little Bastard have now recorded & launched their debut self-titled EP. Download a copy here FREE & hit one of their live shows. This is a band on the rise!

Little Bastard – Bandcamp Free Download

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